Your New Menu. Digital Menu for Restaurants. 2MENU.

Ordering and delivery. Dine-in.
Faster table turnover.
Reduced possibility of errors.
Browse your menu from your phone. Anywhere.

2MENU - Digital menu for restaurants
2MENU - Digital menu for restaurants

Your customers can browse the digital menu anywhere and at any time, even from home.


Your customers won"t have to wait for a waiter to browse the menu and choose their meal.


Customers no longer need to touch a paper menu - just their own phone.


You can make changes to your prices and products in real-time, and they will be immediately visible.

How Does the Digital Menu Work?

You have unique table QR codes for identification. If customers prefer, they can access the menu by entering a link.

  • The customer scans the QR code and immediately starts browsing the menu without any installations.
  • The menu can be used for dine-in, delivery, and takeaway.
  • You can share your menu sponsored on social media to attract more customers.
  • Customers at the table can easily and quickly call a waiter, request the bill, and more - notifications are received in the admin panel.
  • Your staff can see everything in real-time with sound alerts.
  • Super easy order management - issuing and handling with just one button.


times faster service


times more potential customers
2MENU - Digital menu for restaurants

Discover the possibilities of 2MENU

A digital menu app without downloading and installing, suitable for all types of places: restaurants, bars, cafes, nightclubs, pastry shops, and more.

Responsive design

Phones, tablets, computers. Design that works on all devices. Automatically.

No need for downloads

The annoying waiting and password typing are a thing of the past. Everything loads instantly.

Super administration

Sound notification when receiving a new order or request.

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Free updates

Everyone using 2MENU receives updates as soon as they"re released. For free. Forever.

No registration required

Customers open your menu and can order immediately. No registrations, no delays. Instantly.


Over 10 color options and the ability to add a logo.

* Adding a logo is only available in the Premium pricing plan.

Are you ready for #2MENU?

Start working efficiently. Get your second menu. Get 2MENU.


See screenshots of the available features offered by 2MENU.
The screens shown are from the user and admin sections of the app.
Explore an interactive demo of the user section.

Our flexible prices

Prepay for 3 months: -30% discount
Prepay for 6 months: -40% discount
Prepay for 12 or more months: -50% discount

per month
per month
per month
Free updates forever
Support for 28 language versions
Support for 23 currencies
Number of categories unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of products unlimited unlimited unlimited
Photos per product 1 3 5
Free QR code generation
Free ready-made flyers with QR code and restaurant name
Additions and removals
Text logo
Graphic logo
Email notifications for orders
Ordering capability
Tables and areas
Calls - calling the waiter, changing the ashtray, requesting the bill
Number of users (admin/manager/waiter) 1 5 20
Email support up to 48h up to 24h up to 24h
Order Order Order

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to gather the most frequently asked questions in one place.
However, if you do not find the answer you are looking for, you can contact us.

2MENU - Digital menu for restaurants
Just fill the form here and you will immediately receive a free 14-day demo trial with no credit card required.

We will keep your menu items on our server for an additional 2 calendar months, after which we will delete them, along with the entire restaurant. If you notify us in advance, we can archive the restaurant after the expiration under certain conditions. This will be useful if you have a seasonal restaurant that operates only 6 months a year, for example.

Add-ons: for example, extra cheese in a salad or ice for vodka. These add-ons can be easily managed through the admin panel. Removals refer to products that customers most commonly want to remove from their dishes, such as onions from a salad. We have provided a detailed explanation of these and other features in the admin panel, under the "Help" section.

Such moments are rare exceptions, but if the problem persists after refreshing the page, you can contact us for support. Currently, we only offer e-mail support with a response time of 24 to 48 hours at [email protected].

Write to us at [email protected]. You will receive your requested feature or an offer for implementation in response. We are constantly adding great ideas that will help the entire 2MENU community, free of charge.

Are you ready for #2MENU?

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